LED RL Troffer


Photometry / IES files:    

R RL-1248-3L-3K (pdf) Test Report
R RL-1248-3L-3K
R RL-2424-3L-3K (pdf) Test Report

R RL-2424-3L-3K
R RL-2424-5L-4K (pdf)
R RL-2448-4L-3K (pdf)
R RL-2448-4L-3K

Rounded/Arc Lens Troffer

LED recessed


Recessed troffer fixture for grid ceiling offering a fresh contemporary look with sleek rounded opal lens. Provides  ample general lighting with high cutoff angle. Ideal for upscale offices and commercial applications. Excellent alternative to standard commercial style T-Bar troffer. Available in all standard sizes with a variety of lumen packages.